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Cindy Saab, Speaker

Cindy enjoys speaking and leading workshops at conferences, churches, leadership training events and other women events. Her passion is to deliver insightful talks, messages and coaching sessions that speak Biblical truths which transform into a meaningful experience. Propelling you from hopelessness to joy, discouragement to possibilities, unfulfillment to direction and purpose. Her spoken and written messages touches the hearts and souls of her audiences.

Encouragement • Hope • Connections • Networking • Growth • Seasonal Topics

Topic List

Connections . . . Coffee, Hairspray & Girlfriends.  So just what is the connections with Coffee, Hairspray & Girlfriends? Life is a lot better when we travel and are connected with our girlfriends [whether or not they gulp coffee or use a enough hairspray to replicate a mannequin]. We will highlight the dangers of disconnection, affirm the joys of connections and most importantly confirm our connection with our Savior.

Unexpected Treasure ~ As we travel through life’s journey we unearth the magnificent discovery of treasures as we embark thru some of life’s unexpected detours and seasons. Upon discovery of these treasures, our lives will design the original perfect “string of pearls” that is personally designed for each of us by the master creater before the beginning of time. As we wear our personalized “string of pearls” may we always have Jesus as our center stone of our life.

SPAtacular InSPArational / Skin Care ~ Soul Care: The Skin Care Session will give us a brief overview of the 3 steps for basic skin care: 1. Cleanse 2. Tone 3. Moisturize. The Soul Care Session to our delight will show us how these same 3 steps are the primary principles that we need for caring for our soul.

Let Us Pour ~ The blessing is brewed and shared as we generously pour into each other a cup of encouragement, comfort, trust, strength and friendship into one another’s life and graciously spill and splash Jesus! A time of sitting and serving. A time of refreshing, a time or renewing, a time of rest . . . a time for tea. Let Us Pour!

True Woman ~ True Friend: A true friend is priceless. We will share the delights of having a true friend. The value of friendship. We will identify various types of friendship and their value. Along with identifying characteristics of what a true friend is not.

A Christmas Wreath: As we gaze upon this breathtaking Christmas Wreath our eyes will be drawn to the beautiful adornments that dress this wreath. We will take a journey that visits each adornment viewing the reflections into our life and the life of Christ.

Crown of Beauty Retreat: As we travel through this pilgrim journey we will adorn our head with various crowns that reflect various seasons of life. Anywhere from a floral wreath representing a celebration, to a stunning Tiara blinding us in all its radiance. Or perhaps your wearing a heavy, tarnished crown symbolizing a deep loss. These temporary crowns will be replaced with a Crown of Beauty and brilliantly displayed to the Glory of His Name! Session 1 ~ Crown of Beauty Session 3 ~ Garment of Praise. Session 2 ~ Oil of Joy Session 4 ~ Display of His Splendor

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