“When Cindy ministers, she speaks with empathy and understanding, she teaches with a smile and a special touch; she shares with transparency and with the power and knowledge of God’s Word. People listen to Cindy because because they know she cares about them.”  Clarice G. James, Author, Southern NH


“Cindy is a dedicated woman of God who faithfully proclaims God’s Truth through speaking, writing, and leading bible studies. She shares from a firm foundation of faith, centered in Christ, with a style that is clear and rich with application. I have been blessed many times by her words of encouragement and I treasure her friendship and godly   wisdom.”  Nancy Ferrin, Author / Speaker


“I’ve listened to Cindy Saab teach, and after it’s over, every single time, I want mo
re! Why? Because Cindy has the ability to discern hard scriptural verses and passages with simple clarity and great godly wisdom that I miss. How? With the Holy Spirit’s help, she unpacks the Word challenging everyone to ask “what do I need to understand from this, Father?” And that’s what I like. I’m richly blessed by Cindy’s insights and so thankful God’s power is flowing through her for all of us! “  Karen Diaco

“Cindy has taken her love for Christ, her compassion for women, and her unique life experiences and turned them into a vessel God can use.  She speaks to women in a way that they can relate to; as someone who has been there.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.”  Claire Fagan, Women’s Ministry Leader-New England Bible Church

“Cindy is a born leader and is faithful in her ministry to women.  She has a deep knowledge of God’s Word and knows the value of prayer.  Cindy has the gift of encouragement, and is willing to share her own life experiences and what God has taught her through the trials and triumphs in her own life.  She is a warm and transparent speaker, a gifted teacher and someone you would want to have as a trusted friend and mentor.”  Laurie Gerry, Church Administrator

“I came into Cindy’s Bible study at a pivotal time in my life. Having lost someone very dear to me, I was on a journey seeking God and how He works in our lives. Through her teaching, I found many answers to my questions. I now have a better understanding of what God wants from us, how much He has blessed me, how I should live my life and where my focuses should be. I’m far from done learning about God, but I have a better grasp than I did before. Cindy is one of the kindest people I know and her spirituality is an inspiration to anyone blessed enough to take her class.“

Chris Bencivenga